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Home Care

Although home care that is to be covered by Medicaid is usually from a Medicaid-approved agency, an applicant can choose his own care aide and have Medicaid pay the costs through a Consumer Directed Program. Medicaid's evaluation may result in approval of a lesser level of care or fewer hours of coverage than needed.  The decision can be accepted in full, with private payment for the extra care needed, or the decision can be appealed. For home care, an applicant's home is considered an exempt asset in determining eligibility for Medicaid coverage. However, upon the death of the Medicaid recipient, Medicaid may place a lien on the home so that Medicaid can recoup any monies paid for the care at such time as the home is sold. Gifting of assets also has no effect on eligibility for home care. Once on home care Medicaid, there is a requirement to spend-down income.

Skilled Nursing Facility Placement

As a result of our years of experience, we have developed a close working relationship with medical and elder care service providers. This relationship is based on our mutual understanding that experience and expertise in elder care and elder law are vital. These service providers recognize that our firm strives for excellence in assisting our clients and this expedites the placement process thereby lessening the burden on the family. To receive a free copy of A Simple Guide to Understanding the Complexities of Elder Law – a helpful booklet we distribute to our clients which contains definitions and explanations of some important terms – please contact us.