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If an individual is hospitalized for at least three of the thirty days preceding admission to a nursing home, Medicare may cover the expenses of the nursing home or rehabilitation center for the first 100 days.  The first 20 days are covered in full and days 21 - 100 are paid excluding a twenty percent deductible per day.  If there is a Medicare Supplement policy, it may cover the deductible. Therefore, the Medicare Supplement policy should be reviewed.  If there is no policy or the policy does not cover the deductible, the  co-payment would have to be paid privately or by Medicaid, if he/she is eligible for same at that time.  If Medicare is denied, that decision can be appealed.  Medicare covers only acute, skilled care, not long-term custodial care.  Therefore, once the Medicare coverage is exhausted you have an option to either privately pay or apply for Medicaid. To receive a free copy of A Simple Guide to Understanding the Complexities of Elder Law – a helpful booklet we distribute to our clients which contains definitions and explanations of some important terms – please contact us.