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Penny’s Blog
September 14th, 2011

Welcome to the new website of The Law Offices of Penny B. Kassel, P.C.  I am excited to start a blog to keep visitors current on the many changes and facets of Elder Law. The long awaited Emergency Regulations have finally been issued interpreting new legislation in regard to Medicaid liens and rights of recovery against the estate of deceased Medicaid recipients.  I will be reviewing the Regulations.  Stay tuned for a copy of the Regulations and my interpretation!!! On a personal note..my mother and her twin sister will turn 100 on September 27.  Check back to see when they will be featured on the Today Show with Willard Scott.

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  1. Judith Palsgraf - April 21st, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Wonderful edition to your services. Thank you.

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